KW Guitar Orchestra
Mariette Stephenson, conductor

Welcome to the Kitchener-Waterloo Guitar Orchestra!

Are you a local classical guitarist who is looking to meet and perform with others? Come join our guitar orchestra: this is a wonderful opportunity for guitarists to play together as an ensemble, learn great music, and meet fellow enthusiasts in a fun and welcoming environment. The Orchestra is open to guitarists of all ages and our music is perfect for people who are playing at roughly RCM Level 2 and up. We perform in two local concerts per season.

We have a vibrant music scene in our area and it's great to be part of it - come join us!

For more information, please email Mariette Stephenson

Duo Calixa

Photo by Karen Agro

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KW Guitar Orchestra
Photo by Ann Westell
KW Guitar Orchestra 3
Photo by Laura Arendoque
KW Guitar ORchestra 4
Photo by Laura Arendoque
KW Guitar ORchestra 5
Photo by Laura Arendoque

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