Ekleipsis Guitar Trio Bio (-200 words)
Ekleipsis Guitar Trio Bio
(+200 words)

Photos: Chantal Bresse

Mariette Stephenson

Classical Guitar

Ekleipsis Guitar Trio

The Ekleipsis Guitar Trio - Lukas Bouda, Mariette Stephenson and Terry McKenna - had their first encounter during a solar eclipse in 2017 and out of that celestial event emerged a new guitar trio.  This Canadian classical guitar trio meld their diverse musical backgrounds into an ensemble that is at home both in contemporary music and music from earlier eras.  All three members have performed extensively as soloists and in other ensembles, both in Canada and internationally. 


This ensemble is active in its aim to perform new music composed for guitar trio and will premiere works by acclaimed Canadian composers Boyd McDonald and Glenn Buhr in 2018.

More information on the new ensemble,

Ekleipsis Guitar Trio 

(featuring Terry McKenna,

Lukas Bouda and

Mariette Stephenson)

coming soon!

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